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Monk__Appaloosa__Ugly Betty

Realms Of The Unreal__Georgia O'Keefe

The Company__He Was A Quiet Man

Jesse Stone___The Deal__Protagonist

Loving Leah__Pinochet__Valley Of Light

Pixar Story__Door To Door__James Castle

Who Do You Love__Passion of Ayn Rand

The Situation__Where God Left His Shoes

Waiting For Hockney___The Wool Cap

Nightmares & Dreamscapes___Tibet_

Water Is Wide___Conviction___Guy

No Good Deed__ Joe and Max

Back When We Were Grownups

IKE: Countdown to d-day__12 Mile Road

Buried Secret of m Night__The Fence

Emmanuel's Gift__A Gentleman's Game

the Secret life of Zoey_ It Must Be Love

Crazy Jones__Peggy and Dorothy

A Dog Named Christmas___Cheap Shots

Jesse Stone


selected music from the jesse stone movies

Paradise (Jesse's Theme)

The Lincolns

Gonna Clean House