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Monk__Appaloosa__Ugly Betty

Realms Of The Unreal__Georgia O'Keefe

The Company__He Was A Quiet Man

Jesse Stone___The Deal__Protagonist

Loving Leah__Pinochet__Valley Of Light

Pixar Story__Door To Door__James Castle

Who Do You Love__Passion of Ayn Rand

The Situation__Where God Left His Shoes

Waiting For Hockney___The Wool Cap

Nightmares & Dreamscapes___Tibet_

Water Is Wide___Conviction___Guy

No Good Deed__ Joe and Max

Back When We Were Grownups

IKE: Countdown to d-day__12 Mile Road

Buried Secret of m Night__The Fence

Emmanuel's Gift__A Gentleman's Game

the Secret life of Zoey_ It Must Be Love

Crazy Jones__Peggy and Dorothy

A Dog Named Christmas___Cheap Shots

CARNIVALE HBO's bold and unique series- A battle of good and evil in the era of the dustbowl and the great depression. Created by Daniel Knauf, stars Nich Stahl, Clancy Brown, Michael J. Anderson, Amy Madigan, Clea Duval, Tim Dekay, Toby Huss. Directed by Rodrigo Garcia. Original Soundtrack now available. Scroll down for Season 2 Music.

Listen to the interview with Jeff, and Carnivale exec. producer Howard Klein on the nationally syndicated radio program, ECHOES -click for your connection hi speed dialup

Listen to the composer's interview with Visions In Sound. hi speed dialup

Season 2 MP3s
01 Trinity Blast
02 The Tree Of Knowledge
03 Ben Recognizes Trinity
04 Ben Finds Sofie
05 Ben Trys To Heal Mgmt
06 Ben Searches Junkyard
07 Inbreds Whip Ben

08 Scudder's Mask

09 The Crone
10 Sofie Sees the Cards
11 Iris Burns the Clothes
12 Ben's Cards
13 Iris Confesses
14 Justin Sees Ben's Mask
15 Ben Questions Scudder
16 Justin Rips Sermon
17 Ben Kills Management
18 Colussus Collapse
19 Samson Will Help Ben
20 Avatar Blood
21 Please Don't Die
22 Ben Sends Libby Away
23 Justin Forgives Norman
24 Ben Heals Jonsey
25 Miracle Worker
26 Smith Betrays Scudder
27 Justin Kills Scudder
28 Ben Finds New Canan
29 Ben Searches Justin's House
30 Justin Baptizes Converts
31 Jonesy Shows Healed Knee
32 Jonsey Stops Ben
33 Justin Sees The Carnivale
34 Ben Heals Justin Feels
35 Plunge Thee Deep
36 The Battle is not Over

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